SP distributes laptops to students with Mulayam Singh and Akhilesh Wallpapers

Samajwadi Party completed its 1 year of government in Uttar Pradesh and keeping his promise , Chief Minister , Akhilesh Yadav has started distributing HP laptops to students of the state. The interesting thing about these laptops is all of them have a hard-to-change Wallpaper with SP supremo,Mulayam Singh and CM Akhilesh’s snap. 😀
The funniest part is , many students have ended up crashing or technically spoiling the laptop , in order to change the wallpaper with CM’s and SP supremo’s  snap ! However,the service to these laptops is absolutely free from HP .
Noteworthy information about these laptops are :
Recipients will soon be warned by HP not to tamper with the BIOS to remove the politicians’ photos- they will stay on screen for five seconds.(You just cannot help it !) 😀
Do not think its a gift from the government.The laptop is government property and selling it, misusing it or destroying it can lead to legal consequences.(Its more to remind you that its the SP which availed the laptop to you for use only. Be thankful) 😀

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Akhilesh distributes laptops to students with hard-to-remove Akhilesh Mulayam Wallpaper

0 thoughts on “SP distributes laptops to students with Mulayam Singh and Akhilesh Wallpapers”

  1. Oh wow! This is really some spicy news!LOL! The wallpapers don’t change!ha ha!They are so desperate to remind people of the only good things they are doing!!:D Very nice post:)

  2. No matter what politicians will not give anything for free. From the budget alloted how much must have gone to HP and how much in the pockets of Mulayam and Akhilesh that only they will know .Don’t you think that these guys will have internal settings with HP . Definitely yes. More than 50 % of the funds must be in their account for sure. That is our Tax money. LOL and who is getting mileage???
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    1. not only mileage .. but also …. it would remain govts property … I mean – its like someone buys me a gift with my money and even before i consider it mine , he tells me-mind it,i can take the gift back , the day i feel like 😀 Akhilesh is a well-literate man and he is utilizing his literacy as a new weapon to fool people of the state !.. so far .. that is the reality …. with Raja Bhaiya being a favoured ally of SP,its speaks for itself !! How much money do these guys need ? something which they can never even flaunt due to fear of being exposed ! What is the point earning wealth for no reason ?
      Better , earn name and fame like Modi … he is earning his name to remain in history of Indian politics and be the face of real change !!

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