THE CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD: Courtesy to one of my favorite co-blogger,  Bushra, owner of  the website “stillettomaniac”  who finds creative enough to be nominated for CREATIVE BLOGGER award. Would take this opportunity to thank her from the bottom of my heart for the consideration.

This award is for extremely creative bloggers,awarded to them to appreciate their efforts and dedication to think out of the box .

The Creatieb Blogger Award

The Creatieb Blogger Award

The Easy Rules to follow : ( Ain’t compulsory but it would be appreciated if the nominees would follow them)

1. Thank the Blogger and link back to the blog. (depends entirely upon the nominee)

a. Three things About yourself.
b. Two things People don’t know about you.
c. One thing you want to change about yourself.
3. Answer the questions asked by the blogger.
4. Nominate this award to the deserving blogs. Pass it on.
5. Ask some questions to the bloggers who got nominated.
6. Inform the bloggers about their award.
7.copy-paste the award batch to your blog(even this depends on your choice )

Three Things About Myself :

What I love the most is talking (mostly questioning)- listening to and sharing experiences on almost everything on earth. At present,I am looking for the answer of ‘ why are we born ? ‘ And I have so much to hear from people from various walks of life. Interests me a lot.

its difficult to make me furious about anything.

there is nothing special about me yet everything and that makes me special. 🙂

Two Things People Don’t Know About Me :

People may not know that I don’t know , what others do not know about me   🙂  .

May be they don’t know that I am an open book.No secret pages which require passwords of close friendship to open.A little reserved(and who is not?).

One Thing I Want To Change About Myself :

If change be required,I do not keep thinking of a special date or a special push. At present, I need no change. 🙂

Questions By stillettomaniac for the nominees :

1.An incident in your life that you describe as_unforgettable!

The day I knew , I could not avoid ‘growing up’.It was unforgettable and painful as I knew I am growing up for lifetime . 🙂

2.When your blog was just a new born baby, what is the craziest thing you did to increase your followers?

Would paste my blog links on FB on stranger’s Wall . 🙂 Well, I had huge success initially but then I realized , its MySay and it cannot be influenced by traffic(I had started posting more to convince the majority of traffic than posting  about my views).Thats when I stopped (within 20 days) .

3.What are the three things that make you smile and the three things that put you off?

Three things that make me smile :

Appreciation of my work or me by others and/or me (genuine appreciation,you see 🙂  )

My Stupidity (no matter when I realize about my stupidity)

Everything else which is worth smiling about.

Three things that put me off :

Loud , authoritative and commanding behavior of any living creature .

Anyone or anything demeaning India (it not only puts me off but also makes me restless to answer back )

Loud Music .. no matter whatever the occasion is and no matter what the type of music is (trance,hard rock,metal…whatever!Play it slow)

4.If you were granted 1 wish to wish for anything_what would you wish for?

Give all my loved ones , everything they want ! This would automatically keep me happy till the last breath.

5.If you were famous, what would it be for?

Humanity, Knowledge ,Peace  and Cartooning  🙂

Here Comes the nominating part :

Although, I like many of  the co-bloggers for their work , this list is exclusively for people who I find fitting best into the category of ‘Creative Blogging’ as per me :

Deb –FactsAndNonsense

Aaron- OurProcess



Uma Shankar – USPandey

Firoze Shakir –

Pattu Raj – Gardenerat60

I congratulate all of these talented individuals above and to my knowledge they best deserve the Creative Bloggers Award.

My Questions for the Creative Bloggers of my choice are :

What inspires you to do things ‘Out of the Box’ ?Is it natural or cultivated talent ?

What does India mean to you ? * Aaron – I would request your views on India and the USA as well.

Why do you think we are born ? 

I would appreciate your answers and congratulate you again for the ‘Creative Bloggers Award’