Court frames charges against Irom Sharmila in 'Fast-Unto-Death' case

Better known as the Iron Lady of Manipur,Irom Sharmila, who has been on ‘fast-unto-death’ stir since last 12 years, against the controversial AFSPA(Armed Forces Special Power Act) which is imposed on the state of Manipur , has refused to plead guilty on charges framed by New Delhi court ! Sharmila claimed she was not committing suicide and rather protesting non-violently which is a valid political protest !
Sharmila launched her fast unto death in 2000 after 10 civilians were killed by Assam Rifles personnel near Imphal airport. At present, she is  lodged in a jail and is being fed through her nose at a hospital in Imphal. She was charged under Section 309 when she brought her fast and protest against the AFSPA to Delhi six years ago and since then has been under police custody.
Without getting into the debate of whether disturbed states should continue to be administered by the Armed Forces, there are questions. Isn’t a  fast,a peaceful and non-violent medium of protest in a democracy ? Why a fast-unto-death be compared to crime of attempting suicide under Section 309 of Indian Penal Code? Does this not show the  repeated incompetency of the state and central governments who have failed to bring normalcy in disturbed states of India since several decades now ? How long will it take for the disturbed states to get out of the tangles of ‘Military Raj’ ?

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New Delhi Court frames charges against Irom Sharmila in fast-unto-death case

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    1. yes sir… as they say….what not can a human do ..all he needs is the Will !! 12 god damn years no food no water…how strong is her will power to change things for her state and surely for good … and how adamant is the mighty government which does not bother to react at all !!

    1. 🙂 at times .. circles and lines which are not defined as alphabets need support of the circles and lines defined as alphabets and grouped as words and sentences to express thoughts of demanding issues .. Irom Sharmila’s issue is on such which demanded me to use the keypad of the machine as well. 🙂 thanks for appreciating … Bushra ji 😀

  1. Delhi court can’t get funnier! It’s high time that our govt and other concerned authorities like the court took notice of what Irom has been trying to say and achieve.

    1. Very true … and the administrators do not realize the need of the moment ! In any case , none is bothered getting rid of the situation coz of vested political and monetary interest .. but is it fair to treat a political irritation and protest as unlawful ?

      1. No I think peaceful protestations is our birthright…In all this we are also overlooking the Iron Lady’s tremendous commitment to the cause , dedication to a political mandate and supreme sacrifice. What say you?

        1. overlooked by Media and Govt and Opposition and the helpless as ever ‘Aam Aadmi’ – Anyways,Army Raj is no democracy where Army is not questionable even if it kills !! I have all my support for the cause and the Lady ! Whoelse do I look upon on Woman’s Day !! Salutes Unlimited to Irom Sharmila !!

  2. itsmeenakshi77

    height of political ill-will, shamelessness. I read a book ‘Lollipop Street’ by Tavleen kaur sometimes back . She explains that in place of tackling he problem, how Indian politics and bureaucracy is all about sweeping problems under the carpet. shameful!

    1. and all for their vested interest ! Our past was not that great .. I mean post Independence era … and the present is yet to be cleaned only then we can expect a future which may be proud to say -MERA BHARAT MAHAN !

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