Police case against 111 people for FB posts against Kurien in Suryanelli gangrape case!

A case was filed against 111 people for allegedly passing defamatory remarks against Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman,P.J.Kurien, on facebook,relating to the Suryanelli gangrape case! A Woman Congress leader has filed the case claiming most of these defamatory remarks were against her as she backed P.J.Kurien on the Suryanelli gangrape issue. There was one person who had updated his status on facebook which read against Kurien and 110 people shared it, thereby, inviting police case under Sec 66A for sending offensive and annoying messages via computer or related device.
What else can be a better example of democracy and freedom in our country ? Is this a democracy for the political leaders only and constitutional freedom for them to curb down voices of  ‘Aam Aadmi ‘ and attack their freedom of speech by filing cases for expressing personal views ?
🙁  Mera Bharat Mahan (My India is Great)!

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Defamation Cases against facebook posts and shares

0 thoughts on “Police case against 111 people for FB posts against Kurien in Suryanelli gangrape case!”

    1. its time they draw lines between what should really be termed DEFAMATION ! This is a way of scaring the shit out of people that the next victim can be them…if they dare be satirical against ANY political leader.Interestingly,none from any other political party raises a voice against these cases !! All politicians get united to voice down the common people ! Strange !!

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