0 thoughts on “Two Blasts In Hyderabad”

    1. Some terrorize us in the name of religion , some in the name of inflation..some kill us directly some kill slowly…God knows better what is the fate of the nation with 2nd highest population,dropping bombs and economy ! 🙁

  1. Its pathetic. Rapes, blasts, terrorist attacks, accidents and all these stuffs r so prevalent in India. Wonder should we have existing govt set up or shall we change the entire system or what. Why? Why do we have to suffer like this? This country is no more safe. Are we on doom’s path?

    1. All it takes is acceptance to let oneself and the world around be peaceful and that is becoming difficult for the human race ! Consequences are in front of our eyes

  2. its not just about a country. Its about humanity. People are dying there for no reason. Who will make those bastards understand?

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