Thought Of the Day-Biggest Management Guru

The Biggest Management Guru is he who has a HAPPY Mother,Sister,Wife and Daughter under the same roof. Till you find one, consider Baba Ramdev the Biggest Management Guru who sold the country what was freely available since ages.  🙂

baba ramdev cartoon image,
Management Guru

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    1. My Say

      thank u so very much….yes I love concluding phases of life in a nutshell…sometime from my experiences and at times from what i learn from the world around me….. I am always on a hunt to categorize human problems so that even if one is resolved….all we need to do is follow the same solution for typical problems and get a solution! While I think all these … i try to conclude things in few sentences and end up writing quotes…. waise duniya mujhe creative nahi , crack smajhti hai….. 😀

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