Delhi gang-rape: outraged India wakes up government

Delhi gangrape – A brutal gang-rape and physical assault in a bus in Delhi is a ‘breaking news’ since last 5 days.Outraged nation,active cops,timely ‘Breaking News Updates from Media,concerned government and opposition parties,its all happening the way it happens only in India.  Sheila Dikshit, the Chief Minister of Delhi got emotional and said she would do whatever it takes to save the girl. Previously, after the issue had created a buzz in the Parliament, Sonia Gandhi,the Congress chief, had sent an angry letter to Home Minister , Sushil Kumar Shinde and CM Sheila Dikshit.Sushil Shinde had called up the police head to ask for immediate action. The nation is furious,the opposition is busy blaming the govt and the govt is grilling the police.Out of the six accused,five are already caught.Some serious action is taking place while the victim continues to fight with death.
Thats how it happens in India.Everyone wakes up only after something goes real wrong and makes sure they go to sleep the moment the accused are put to task,often even before that. Why rapes and assaults have become a trend? Why the nation and the administration not bothered coming up with permanent solutions ?Why there are no amendments in law related to rapes and molestation? Why there are no extra security given by cops to  protect the physically weak(children,women,senior citizens)? The point is,we talk case specific and forget the case sooner than later and then wait for another incident to shock us up. Is it not time we take measures which would eradicate even the thought of rape,molestation and assault? Be it  strict laws like capital punishment, nothing less or free and mandatory spiritual,self-defense and awareness classes sponsored by govt and NGOs,or both,whatever it be but India has to eradicate rapes,assault and molestation once and for all.

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Delhi gangrape-outraged nation.Active administration

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  1. Protest Marches, Outraged Placards and Online Petitions Addressing Rape Are Not Talking to the Men in Question – the Rapists. What exactly are these protest marches, placard holding and slogans for? Why are we taking to the streets and talking about shaming society? Are we hoping that this collective outrage will shame the serial rapists of this world from committing the crime again? Do we think that our protests will instill fear in the future rapist? A regular guy, who goes about his work day, has a beer at night – or not – and while returning home to his parents, or hostel, or to his slum, or to his buddies, sees a girl – a teenage girl, or a middle aged woman, or an elderly lady, or a small child – and suddenly he is overcome with the impulse to rape them. Does he even think of his act as a crime?

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