Pinki Pramanik a male-Medical Report

The former national level athlete(middle distance runner) who brought glory to the nation by winning gold medals at various  international competitions has been declared a male, after tests conducted by doctors at SSKM Hospital,Kolkata.The athlete has been denying rape and cheating charges slapped by athlete’s live-in partner.The police has filed rape case on Pinki after the gender-determination test  has revealed Pinki is a male.

Now,even if she may not be found guilty of rape( in case),she may still have a chance of being stripped off her medals which she won in women’s catagory. Hopefully,now Pinki would know the difference between a male and a female !

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Pinki Pramanik cartoon,pinki pramanik a male says medical reports
Pinki Pramanik a male-medical reports


1 thought on “Pinki Pramanik a male-Medical Report”

  1. well Pinki might know but do you? i don’t think so! in fact “total ignorance” should be the name of this piece. no offense meant as most of the world is in your corner on this. gender is not identifiable by science as yet. and it is not a preference. how a doctor or any authority could label a person with a gender other than what they claim is non sequitur. (can’t be done). which pretty much puts the olympic committee in a quandry doesn’t it? what the future holds for gender polarized events will be an interesting read someday. maybe atheletes will be qualified for their size or ablility instead of their arbitrary sexual or gender orientation! instead of male or female olympic event we could have human olympic events. that would make a lot more sense. also confusing sex with gender is a common error. its time to wake up world, to the reality of nature. but whether we try to separate by sex or gender there are huge problems. as science progresses the lines we have taken for granted will be forcibly broken and as we look more closely at sex and gender we are going to see a spectrum has always existed and not black and white.

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