Modi refers PM as ‘Moun’ Mohan Singh ?

Moun in Hindi means ‘Silent’ and thats how Gujarat CM prefers to address PM Manmohan Singh.No matter,what Mr Modi says about the PM,never has Manmohan Singh responded back in agitation,not only against Modi but anyone who has ever criticized Dr Singh for remaining speechless on all major issues related to the country.

Should he be appreciated for never involving himself in any verbal conflicts or be criticized that he genuinely has no answers to support the ills of his govt?  🙁

6 thoughts on “Modi refers PM as ‘Moun’ Mohan Singh ?”

  1. Mr.Manmohan singh has never tried critising even when contesting the elections.Unlike other politicians,who make defamatory statements such as this,he is a class apart.Though I believe Mr.singh should have spoken to the people during these testing times they are going through.

    1. no offence but as far as it seems till date,Dr Singh is really nice man however he is right man in the wrong party.Again,this is my personal opinion as Cong while has ruled the nation the most,they are pure underachievers.Had they truely had the vision India wud hav shaped up lot better.thanks for sharing ur opinion though

      1. There are under achievers in congress..lots..still i believe in a lot of young leaders like sachin pilot can change the party attitude.i agree india has underachieved in many areas..but i dnt find a better alternative for power in my country…nt the bjp nyway..nor the cpm..n I also dnt belive in kejriwal or IAC..its too premature to cnsider them even but i think they have considerable support of the middle class…..

        1. absolutely right but the fact is Sachin Pilots are very few in Cngress,Vajpayees are extinct from BJP and IAC is too fragile to rule yet too me they wud be better than NDA,UPA or a Third Front….

        1. thanks for the appreciation …. i actually need ur wishes when it comes to my readers…very few in number..honestly 🙂 I’m nt inclined twrds n e prticlar party nt even IAC….its the mentality of nationality which is missing in most of the Indians be it commoners or the administrators.

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