Dengue toll rises in West Bengal

The number of dengue cases and subsequent deaths due to it is rising in the state of West Bengal while the state awaits Test Kits !

With the increasing number of deaths , the govt put on question is also seems helpless to cope up with the situation.

11 thoughts on “Dengue toll rises in West Bengal”

  1. You have no idea how long I laughed after seeing this. After that I called a friend of mine and showed him this only to figure out that he is still stuck in the timeline when Mamata Banerjee was Railway Minister! So, I send him away and laughed some more.
    🙂 Great Job.

    1. its a pleasure to be appreciated for the work,Manu. In fact,the moment the idea clicked my brains , even i had a big smile on my face. Its the Red o Phobia of the TMC Supremo which inspired me here 🙂 thanks again !

      1. But you know, if the Reds come to power in the next term their Mamataphobia will be unparalleled. Nobody can beat the Reds in their paranoia. Believe me when I say that because I had experienced it back in Kerala. 🙂
        I’m loving your work more and more.

        1. when dynasties are at war , its the commoners who suffer the most …. in any case , its the aam admi which will have to suffer…as i a;ways say Manu, in India, we are forced to select between worse & worst.. 🙁 Red or Greem , WB & its ppl will be at loss, if they continue to rage a war again & again
          I am really excited with the appreciation & its encouraging to do better than what i have been doing so far ! thanks again , Manu

          1. You are absolutely right. 🙂
            Political cartoons are my passion. Appreciating and having a discourse on them is my work as well as research. It’s my pleasure. 🙂

  2. Mamata’s comment was so funny that after reading it I was rolling on the ground…i laughed for an hour….goshhh….An advice for our CM, “Think before you speak”.

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