Arvind Kejriwal-I’ve been forced to enter politics,it’s not my choice.

After the split with Anna Arvind Kejriwal, who chose to enter politics to clean the ‘corruption’ led a protest at Jantar Mantar, against hike in power tariffs . Kejriwal took the opportunity to clear his stand on Anna and politics. He said,Anna just did not wish to enter into politics and he decided to do so to clean it up and that politics was not his choice but need of the moment.

Well, the big guns of the politics , whom all this while Arvind has been verbally accusing , might be very happy to see him enter politics , a game which they have mastered well and may surely give Arvind Kejriwal a hard time in future ! All we can do is pray for his well being as the New Face in Indian Politics.

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Modi says, for Congress,money grows on 2G and Coalgate trees!

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Mocking at , Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh’s speech, addressing the nation,stating money does not grow on trees, Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi said for Congress, money grows on 2G and coalgate trees(the scams exposed  in recent past where involvement  of Congress politicians has been sited).

Mamata demands 24 LPG cylinders at subsidized rate,per year !

Mamata Banerjee has successfully managed to shaken the UPA govt and her demand for 24 subsidized LPG cylinders per annum , has forced the central govt to increase the number to 9 per year which may again be revised to a bigger figure.

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Sena to join MNS hands for Nanded Municipal Corporation Polls

After remaining a major ‘Marathi Manus vote’ shifting political party for Shiv Sena for almost 6 years, the MNS is joining hands with Shiv Sena for Nanded Municipal Corporation Elections . This is an expected indication that both the parties may soon be seen joining hands for bigger state-level electoral contests ! While MNS had stood up as a major ‘Sena Vote Bank’ diverting party, it was helping NCP and Congress to strengthen their hands, taking advantage of MNS and Sena conflicts, over ‘Marathi Manus Vote-Bank’.

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FDI in retail and the TMC UPA tussle.

FDI in retail has been strongly opposed by TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee, to an extent that she has almost threatened to pull out from the present UPA govt. The Congress, heading the UPA, however, seems adamant on FDI in retail issue, this time.

Anna distancing from Kejriwal ?

Where is the India Against Corruption Movement heading towards with Anna distancing himself from his key aid Arvind Kejriwal in his move to launch a political party ?

anna vs kejriwal cartoon