India’s Mars Mission raises UK’s eyebrows?

Several MPs in the UK raised their voice against sending aids to India which amounts about 280 million pounds per annum , after Indian Prime Minister,Manmohan Singh announced India’s Mars Mission on Independence Day. The David Cameron govt is already facing budget deficit due to recession and major job losses but the overseas aid budget has not been reduced!

The view point among the protesting MPs is simple that if India can afford to finance a high-tech space program , it should be very well capable of feeding its population. Quite logical, isn’t it ?

Anyways,it is lot more important to provide infrastructure and improved standard of living to  every Indian without foreign aids before thinking of Mars excavation.

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9 thoughts on “India’s Mars Mission raises UK’s eyebrows?”

  1. Quite true. First of all, there’s no need of a mars mission for any country as far as I am concerned. We should make this planet a better place to live for everyone and that should be the first thing to do before seeking out to other planets which might or might not have the potential to support life. The U.S can afford to send these things but most probably in the near future they are gonna tactfully withdraw from the space race. India should concentrate on bettering the living conditions of millions of its people before sending out something which could easily become a failure! The U.K MPs are absolutely correct in raising their voice to keep their money from flowing into the wrong hands, which does not deserve it in the first place. It’s almost like the American aid to Pakistan where they use the same money to buy more tools of terrorism.
    Nice cartoon. 🙂

    1. India gained independence from colonialism (read U.K) 67 years ago and they have a space program almost equal to them(to say the least). What u.k says as aid is what they STOLE LOOTED during the nearly 200 years of rule upon India. Now India is rising and some people bring poverty and the very need of such adventurism ( MOM) from India in between. Is this justified first you colonize then you say what need to rise up???? No support needed now at this point India proved its technological might to the world and these are baby steps. Appreciate such programs rate her than such cartoons. My nephew makes funnier ones….

      1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and good to know your nephew makes funnier cartoons … I am anyways no professional cartoonist.. I do what I like .. I express what I find is right .. appreciating or not is also my personal choice and it will remain. 🙂 Anyways thanks for a little rude response. 🙂

      2. Glassyman’s reponse is as glassy as his vision! Sorry to deviate from the main issue that the cartoon is dealing with; but this response shows how we have a long way to go in understanding creativity or content in its proper sense. This is the same rudeness that we see in politicians with below average intelligence. Although hon: Glassyman may not belong to such low class of humans, his response proves otherwise. Now to come back to the reality, neither governments, India or U.K, do not share enthusiasam in who took what from whom. 1947 was a fresh start for India, as a nation. Before that G.B has done enough damage to the collective wealth of this nation through years of ‘looting’ and ‘economic drain’ as Amartya Sen has called it. There’s no point in arguing otherwise and there’s no point in indulging in futile exercises such as meaningless anger over the subject. For a worl like today, we have to put the past differences aside to stride towards a better future.

        P.S: – Glassyman claims to have a nephew who has better cartooning skills than ‘My Say’. It is an appreciatable fact that this art will not be lost in the coming generation and I suggest Glassyman to not meddle with his nephew’s skills like he has done here.

        1. Thanks Manu for standing by. I am open to criticism and not a narrow minded man.. dear Glassyman Sir . But looks like you are not. Cartooning is like writing and its just a point of view of the doodler(I wont call myself a cartoonist as I know Glassyman’s nephew and many other are lot lot better than mine 🙂 ) . Declaring my cartoon amateur does not bother me what bothers is people not getting to understand the message and even when they do they behave narrow minded..
          Everyone has a view of his own !! Mutual respect is mandatory !

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