10 thoughts on “65 Years Of Indian Independence – the Progress since then!”

  1. Sadly that is quiet the sentiment reflected by English Tourists visiting India..They still judge India as a nation that could have flourished under the British Raj…Now its just a cramped up country with a zillion population and total disorder…

    1. it is better to be tortured by neighbours than by family members..in the first case at least u can complain to the cops ! it is difficult to react against our own family … :(..

    2. there is corruption and disorder.. but it is not right to say “its a cramped country…. it is now in the hands of ppl like us to do something to make the situation better…

      1. Agreed Sahi.! its up to us now to pick up from wherever we are n make India a better place to be but the question remains -HOW? thanks for dropping by,Sahi and sharing your views on the issue

  2. welll… something has to be done… there has to be a revolt against corruption… things will change… but it has to happen at the right time…. now it is in the hands of ppl like us to do something…. getting depressed and talking abt the situation will in no way help….ppl in india are waiting for chance to fly off giving reasons… y does no one stand up against all such attrocities?

    1. Sahi , i slightly disagree here … the point is if there are 100 people in India who try to change things for good..there are 1 lakh who r ready to pull them down and 10 lakhs who do not trust the efforts ….. of those 100 . For instance ,Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev-till the time media showed them as heroes we did what not and one fine day the media started bad-mouthing them and continued it for some time . This was enuf ..everyone doubted Team Anna and Baba Ramdev and their movements and it got over !

    2. Sahi , Gandhi became Gandhi because his critics could not stand taller than him,be it Netaji or Sardar Ballav Bhai or Bhagat Singh! Today , Media is the Kingmaker and first and foremost its the Media which is corrupt and running for TRP . They make heroes and villains out of no one and we the ppl trust their words .

      1. well very true.. its the media that plays a major part now a days.. ppl jus blindly believe what the media says…and major news channels cover oly those news that are juicy and increases the trp… but the corruption must be uprooted from the base… it has to start from schools…. its is totally impossible to correct the present day politicians…their main aim is to gain double the money that they spend for election..

        1. Sahi, i dont even understand what fun do they get accumulating so much money when they cannot even flaunt it and spend it properly?its so foolish..then one fine day they die…the money remains in the swiz bank and it is the bank which actually enjoys the unclaimable

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