Angry Sonia forces Advani to take back his ‘illegitimate’ comment on Govt !

Seen mostly sitting quiet in Parliament and reading from a sheet when required to,  who would have expected Sonia Gandhi to react aggressively to L.K.Advani’s comment on the government’s role in Assam violence !L.K.Advani the veteran opposition leader was forced to take back his ‘illegitimate’ remark on the UPA 2 Govt after Sonia Gandhi , for the first time ever, aggressively reacted to the remark !

Well, seems she has become possessive towards her party after being involved for decades now ! Live telecast of  Parliament is as exciting and thrilling as a cricket match or WWE wrestling!  One can easily spend time getting quality entertainment when half the elderly crowd there behaves like small kids in a classroom without the teacher ! 😀 In fact, they do not eve listen to the teacher (the speaker) who seems to be the most helpless person on earth , requesting unruly crowd to calm down , sit down and  allow others to speak.

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4 thoughts on “Angry Sonia forces Advani to take back his ‘illegitimate’ comment on Govt !”

  1. hi,Ms
    Yesterday,Sonia Gandhi shouted as if Advani called him Illegimate.Or i think may be he called but said sarcastically. These days RIght to Speech is becoming like Right to Speak anything and anywhere.
    _Gunjan Sinha

    1. Gunjan, it is the parliamentarians themselves who have made a mockery of the way parliament works in our country , today ! Either the leaders speak rough or they behave rough or both at times ! The parliament is ruled by hooligans whom we have chosen to sit their and now if somebody raises question on their conduct (like Team Anna & Baba Radev) they get together and launch verbal and legal fight against people !

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