India’s poverty level declines to 26 percent ?

As per the data of household expenditure prepared by NSSO , poverty level in the country has come down to 26 percent from 29.8 percent in 2009-10.Planning Commission’s chairman , Montek Singh Ahluwalia said poverty level has come down drastically compared to what it was in 2000 !

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Statistical data can show India as a poverty-free country in the coming years,big deal? But the ground level reality is far behind those mathematical calculations !

9 thoughts on “India’s poverty level declines to 26 percent ?”

  1. hahhahhaa…nice one…To up hold the status of India as the rising global power, the govt. is publishing all these reports. They are trying to uproot poor but not the poverty…

  2. It’s been a while since I heard it and it may never have gotten passed but there was talk of lowering the poverty line in India. They were attempting to set it at 24 INR a day which would make the country not look as poor on paper. That isn’t the reality though and anyone with any knowledge of India knows better. I genuinely hope that things get better for the poor people in India but the government throwing around numbers is the same thing as lying and covering up the problem. I know this because other countries, like the US, have done similar things and it doesn’t show reality. Until the government (of every country) stops being so corrupt the poor will always lose.

    1. true ! It is the powerful who has to be honest ,first .. it is the govt which has to be out of corruption before asking for tax from voters !

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