Despite major blackouts Power Minister Shinde promoted to Home Minister !

Almost 19 states had to face the worst nightmare of no electricity for several hours with about 300 trains hit by the major grid failure ! The Power Minister ,Sushil Kumar Shinde , had somethings to be proud about , one he compared India to America where he claimed it takes upto four hours in similar cases while they took lesser time and astonishingly enough he was promoted as the Home Minister after P Chidambaram has been appointed as the Finance Minister! All this happened yesterday, on Tuesday, when about 600 million Indians from north and north-east India were experiencing major load-shedding bringing normal life to a stand-still. Even on Monday, a day before, northern states suffered for several hours due to grid failure and even Delhi , the capital of the country was not spared !

Considered close to the Gandhi family,the media anticipates this as a major reason of he being handed over the Home Ministry! He has,anyways, thanked Prime Minister,Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi for his promotion. 😀 Well, now that Mr. Shinde has been promoted as the Union Home Minister for his ‘greatest achievements’ of creating history, all we can do is pray for nation’s well-being  and pray his Ministry does not make it to the Headlines due to wrong reasons ! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Despite major blackouts Power Minister Shinde promoted to Home Minister !”

  1. last night i thought it’s a problem with the electricity connection of my house and i checked the pole a few times :D. anyway, i got to know in the morning that it’s not my house, the entire nation faced the problem. I don’t think it was a good time for him to take the charge :D. there are a lot of issues especially in northeast.

    1. yes i know about the power problem in north-east but then thats how the whole India is . It is probably the metro cities of the country which are a lil bettr ! The issue is uneven distribution by the electricity board … wherevr power is handld by private sectors be it in kolkat or mumbai or wherevr ..the scenario is compleltly diffrnt !

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