Underground tunnels to India -Pak’s new way of Infiltration ?

After, a 25 feet deep and  400 mt. long tunnel along the Indo-Pak border in Samba district has been recently discovered with  oxygen pipe inside,the BSF has declared this as a new way of infiltration ! BSF is working out to findhow far  the origin of the tunnel is, in Pakistan !

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What a ridiculous idea Sir ji ?


11 thoughts on “Underground tunnels to India -Pak’s new way of Infiltration ?”

      1. It won’t be long before a group of them pop up suddenly in Connaught Place or Karol Bagh and shoot people up. 🙂
        I hoped Pakistan could spend some of this efforts in to building up their nation rather than digging up meaningless holes in No Man’s Land. 🙂
        Nice cartoon.

          1. Ever since they were evicted, they are trying to burrow back inside. Ain’t it? They are just so concentrated in it, the poor people of Pakistan is suffering. I think infiltration is no more a politically correct term, ‘infestation’ could be a closer one.

          2. the fact is .. they are puppets of the militancy groups which s against India…you are right that Pakistan is suffering and it is al because of their govts wrong policies ….its like selling your belongings just to harm ur neighbour !

          3. True. People don’t have a say there, no. Jinna made the constitution to in a way that he could have had some control more than others. So, Army became directkly under the command of the President. During the first coupe they amended it in a way that it became a separate body of power so that they could once in a while get a chance to rule. So many coups and so many civilian governments ruled over and over again only to amend whatever the predecsessor has done to the constitution and the system… nobody cared about people. To talk about it, India is no better but at least when needed we can have our say 😀 without getting stoned to death or lynched in public.. no Mullah or Pujari can dictate terms here. 🙂

          4. true ! we are still in a better state compared to what they are in since independence ! we are in a bad state and they are in worst 🙂

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