Narendra Modi wants stricter laws for communal offenders ?

Narendra Modi,the Gujarat Chief Minister, who is being accused of playing a major negative role(accused of promoting violence against minorities) in the 2002 riots of Gujarat , is looking for a makeover of his image.He has suggested several amendments in law, right from  electoral laws (to boycott candidates with records of communal violence)to laws of punishment for people spreading and involving in communal violence ! How decent ! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Narendra Modi wants stricter laws for communal offenders ?”

  1. congres party goes on as a villain against MODI so that muslims will always vote to congres party and fools like mulayam,lady maya andsome times nitish support SONIA

  2. hahaha, another brilliant cartoon!! i really enjoy going through these cartoons and the small notes. your blog is going to help me improve my general knowledge or is it current affairs? may be both are same.

  3. yep the scar of killing the lakhs of indians to satisfy tehir expansionist ego , ,millions in asia, and africa, and latin america, teh butchering of natives everywhere, red-indians, teh native american to make their colonioes, and enslaving , has been going on since generations, and repeat wa in teh form of continued ongoing sodomising and raping of poor students in convents all over, withot penalisingthose keepr o an guardian of sanity is the most noble deed, abusing MODI is a rhetoric by those whose hands r deep red soaked with blood of indians, who sold partition as teh solution and engaged in secret deals with british , to satisy their power greed, victim of hundreds of communal riots, hindus killngs in and around india, in particular ,teh innumerabkle indian and minoty wremm faced teh worst pan indian satte sponsored pogrom in ehich thusands of sikhs were killed, butchered, burned, charred, females raped, looted, with total immunity an dno arretss pan india , hahaha,, anoble act perghaps my friends may watch or killing of swami laxmanand saraswati in kandhamal , cutting into pieces of 85 yr olsd swami , an dhis five inmates, was eth noblest act .. perhaps inteh eyes of pseudo , touting secularism .. ,, Modi is a n envy as a performer, and by any means the stern shown by any govt , in tackling communal riots, had been best on the part of modi , sadly his bashing a rhetorirc for those who consider muslim voice is kasab , antulay ( teh defender of kasab tryng is absolving till last even on teh floor of parliament) , shabuddins.. for a natural reason .. .. and teh sacking of elected deoban chief last year has expose the deep rooted conspiracy to lent support to divisive voices.. for the vested and at aliens’ point.. sadly teh natunalist m c chagla, abdul hameed, kalam azad, rafi ahmed kidwai , ka a a bbbas cud not beome teh legitimate voice of muslims, siddiqui sahib is right , or riot , maty judge himsef , as godhra is teh exception al enviable govt intervention where 300 hindus were killed in police action ( tell how many were killed in 1984) .. still siddiqui’s crednetial;s r showing an alarming bias , at whose instance , and for hwat .. considerations political as he isknown to hsift his allegaince and loyalties like pendulum .. a shame..

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