After Mayawati,3 statues of Ambedkar vandalized and quickly replaced !

At two different places in Uttar Pradesh , Dr B R Ambedkar, the Dalit Icon’s 3 statues were vandalized by miscreants but new statues were installed at the earliest by the state administration to avoid any controversy !

Well, if this continues , SP government may end up spending more in replacing statues , than what Mayawati government had spent on the  making of statues of herself , dalit icons and her party symbol ! 😉

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3 thoughts on “After Mayawati,3 statues of Ambedkar vandalized and quickly replaced !”

  1. who would vandalize Dr. Ambedkar’s statues? it has to be Mayawait. probably she wanted to create some controversy and prove that the current govt is against Dalits.

    p.s.- i don’t know anything about politics :D. not sure whether the current chief minister himself is a Dalit or not.

    1. lol ! need nt worry ..ur on right path – Akhilesh is not a dalit … ur probably anticipating rightly that may be Maya’s men r involved just to create controversy or may be SP govt itself show how responsible they r , that they do not waste time replacing vandalized statues..or may be some other parties altogether ..the Nav Nirman Sena

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