Akhilesh promises to replace vandalized statue of Mayawati !

Threee youth workers of a less known political group ‘Nav Nirman Sena of UP were detained by cops for hammering off the head and hands of one of the statues of Mayawati following which BSP leaders demonstrated protests at many places in the state. The State Government however, quickly responded by promising immediate replacement of the vandalized statue of BSP supremo and former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister – Mayawati !

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Mayawati , the former CM of UP,more known for being garlanded with real currency notes , disproportionate wealth cases(which the Supreme Court dismissed recently) and for using state’s money to make memorial parks and statues of Dalit leaders,saints,elephants(her political party’s symbol) ¬†and amazingly her own statues as well, had asked her supporters to keep calm when the incident occurred !


2 thoughts on “Akhilesh promises to replace vandalized statue of Mayawati !”

  1. hahaha, nice cartoon. what’s going on in UP is absolutely preposterous. there is no law and order, and i don’t have any faith in the judiciary system. they are part of it all.

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