Team Anna begins Fast Today At Jantar Mantar !

Team Anna members – Manish Sisodia,Arvind Kejriwal and Gopal Rai are beginning their fast at Jantar Mantar,today, in demand of a Special Investigation Team to probe charges of corruption against 15 Cabinet Ministers.Anna has been requested not to fast on Health Grounds , however, it is learnt that he would be sitting on fast from 29th of the month provided the government does not listen to their demands by then!

Interestingly, a parliamentary committee will hear a complaint against Arvind Kejriwal, key Team Anna Member,on 12th and 26th March of this year by two Congress MPs – Sajjan Singh Verma and Jagdambika Pal,accusing Arvind of passing derogatory remarks and defaming parliamentarians ! šŸ™‚

Till date, Team Anna has not got any major success as the Government has been playing very smartly,Ā tackling the issues of Corruption and passing of Lokpal Bill, as Ā and when , Team Anna has picked it up ! Rather they have been buying time since 2010 . It would be interesting to see the result of this fast of the Team !

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6 responses on “Team Anna begins Fast Today At Jantar Mantar !

    1. My Say

      even i have a sincere doubt as to anything concrete will ever happen ! Anyways , a Lokpal Bill cannot solve the issue till each and every Indian connects to the motherland and feels about her his/her own ! A law , a constitution is just a parameter to guide the society .It can never teach u morality and responsibilities towards the land following that law ! Thanks for your comments Deb !

    1. My Say

      yes ! indeed ! Team Anna has lost its credibility because of their harsh language and moreover they are lacking leadership.All they have is a vision but no proper path to accomplish their goals !

    1. My Say

      Well,Team Anna has surely lost the kind of support they had begun with….
      the credit for the new look goes to u completely Saru…thanks for appreciating !

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