Mulayam Singh’s U-Turn…support to Congress.TMC ditched !

TMC supremo and key-ally of UPA government, Mamata Banerjee had stated on Thursday that she and SP head,Mulayam Singh Yadav were steadfast in their support for Dr Abdul Kalam as the next president . However, on Friday the SP extended support to Pranab Mukherjee’s candidature. Mulayam Singh Yadav has been known for changing decisions, at the very last moment,many a times in his political career and this time it was Didi, the leader known for sticking by her words,on the suffering end! The TMC has termed Mr Singh a Traitor and has recalled that they still support Dr Kalam for the Presidential Candidature.

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Is it Mamata Banerjee Vs UPA for the selection of Presidential Candidate ?

The ever unhappy allies TMC and Congress of the UPA alliance has a different view on the selection of Presidential Candidate as well. Mamata Banerjee has cleared her support for Dr APJ Kalam and even the NDA is indicating its interest towards Dr Kalam and Samajwadi Party Supremo seems to be supporting Mamata’s decision. Meanwhile, Mamata Banerjee also stated that she would leave if the UPA thinks her party is a liability to the alliance.

Congress, on the other hand, is doing all it would take to make Pranab Mukherjee the President.

Well, out of the two candidates,Dr Kalam and Pranab Mukherjee, undoubtedly the position is much deserved by Dr Kalam whom one can trust as a President of deeds. He would never take decisions partially favouring any specific political party at the cost of national interest. But 2014 elections results are so predictable about an upcoming inconsistent government that Congress well not leave any stones unturned to make sure Pranab Mukherjee becomes the President to favour the Congress in situations of political crises.  Anyways,it is Indian Politics and anytime a third name may emerge and become the President, to surprise the nation! 🙂


Pranab Mukherjee still not the UPA official candidate for the post of President ?

Meetings and discussions have so far failed to bring consensus among UPA allies as to who they would prefer to be the Candidate for President’s post and with every party trying to capitalize most out of the situation,it is probably Pranab Mukherjee, senior leader of Congress , who is left guessing,if he has any chance of shifting to Rashtrapati Bhavan. 🙂

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Who will be the ‘Mighty’President Of India ?

President of India , in Indian layman’s words is someone who ideally makes foreign visits,stands to accept salutes from the Indian Army during Independence and Republic Day,attends functions,shows mercy to some prisoners(foreign and national) by turning down their death sentence to life and what else ? Practically, that is all most Indian president’s have been known for,locally. Exceptions are of course there like Dr.Rajendra Prasad, the first Indian President and Dr APJ Kalam and a few more names.As per constitutional books the position may be a key political position for the country but practically it is the Prime Minister who is considered the Big Boss of India.

The role of President becomes strategic in times of political crises in India and history has witnessed it  and the concerning fact is that even the coming future of the nation is anticipated to see the same and that is what makes the upcoming President’s post so important.

2014 General Elections is what makes President’s Post so important that almost all key parties of the nation are trying to push their candidate for the post. Both the biggest political allies, NDA and UPA are confident of bad results in 2014. Two biggest national level parties  Congress and BJP head UPA and NDA alliance respectively.know that Congress has almost lost it’s face to get votes for the third term,due to scams after scams getting exposed,national GDP going down and prices of petrol hitting all time high,under their regime . It would be a tough ask to convince voters for giving them the third term. On the other hand,BJP, the strong opposition party has also lost its face due to involvement of their leaders in scams and more importantly their internal conflicts between key-leaders of the party are coming public. Voters therefore would be skeptical towards them as well.To add on, they have been branded as Hindu-Supportive party which snatches away Muslim votes from them(and that is no more a small  percent of vote).

Left with the option of  Third Front,which would include major allies of BJP and Congress and some more small and regional parties,one can really assume what the future of such alliance would be. In fact , the alliance of too many small parties to form a Third Front to rule the nation, has always failed in the past. The reason being, every party wants to hold key positions and everyone is a decision-maker and none can freely take decisions,either! Such alliances find it difficult to continue for even a year properly.

That is where the role of President becomes utmost important. If any government falls and there is no chance of any proper union between parties , and there stands no single or allied party which can claim its majority in the house,the President takes over! He can decide who the Prime Minister would be  and which party should be given the priority and almost all major decisions,in such cases,depend on President. Hence, be it Congress or BJP or even the big small-parties (which may think of forming a Third Front,given a chance) are considering their preferred candidate for the upcoming President’s post. They will surely get favors in return. 😉 . In few days time it would be clear which party would have an upper hand and whose candidate be chosen as the President Of India.




Digvijaya Singh compares Narendra Modi to Ravana ?

Digvijaya Singh,the senior Congress Leader, has compared Gujarat Chief Minister,Narendra Modi to the demon king Ravana ! Ravana though had a prospering kingdom made of gold but he was equally proud of his achievements which brought him his end.Showing sympathy towards the forced exit of Sanjay Joshi  from BJP due to Modi’s pressure,Digvijaya said Mr Modi should shun ego and pride.

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