Defence Minister’s wife sells her paintings to Airport Authority for Rs 28 crores ?

Defence Minister, A.K.Antony’s wife has reportedly sold eight of her paintings to Airport Authority Of India for Rs 28 crores only 😀 . She has also donated 3.5 lakhs (probably out of this ) to her NGO which she runs for Cancer Patients(So generous 🙂 ).

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Well,there is nothing wrong in being an artist (of class) and simultaneously being a wife of an Indian politician as that gives an edge to be able to demonstrate your art in a bigger social and political circle. Not all painters in India are that lucky to be able to sell there artwork for that high pricing. In fact there are many politicians in India, allegedly involved in Scams who can better ask their wives or children to start doing some art work (and nurture the hidden talent inside) and the Airport Authority and so many other government run offices are there to buy those artworks and paintings  for lakhs and crores 🙂 .

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  1. Thanks again for visiting my blog and for the like. I can’t really make an intelligent comment on any of your posts because I know absolutely nothing about politics in India.

    1. lol…i truly understand topic is narrowed down to Indian politics hence makes very little sense to anyone outside India…but your quotes have universal message and i always look forward to your new posts . 🙂

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