Kidney Specialist to Sue Aamir ?

Nephrologist R Sreedhara who has been accused by retired Army officer Major Pankaj Rai , in Aamir Khan hosted reality show ‘Satyameva Jayate’ ,who lost his wife Seema to what he called a botched kidney transplantation operation, is planning to file legal case against Aamir Khan and Satyamev Jayate producer for defaming him and showing just one side of the story(Pankaj Rai’s) !

Dr Sreedhara has accused that Satyameva Jayate has showed just one side of the story while Pankaj Rai has appealed against Medical Council Of India and the case is ongoing and to show him in bad light prior to court’s decision is wrong. According to him,Aamir should have done his homework and checked the status of the case which under trial !

Follow Detailed Article on what Dr Sreedhara had to say about the incident

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2 thoughts on “Kidney Specialist to Sue Aamir ?”

  1. Maj Pankaj Rai

    A rejoinder to Dr Rajanna Sreedhara who with his colleague conducted illegal transplant surgery has already been put on CNN IBN. He has put misleading statements and does not have any grounds to argue. What does one do with doctors who take the oath of hypocrites and do not want to be questioned when they wash their hands with the blood of patients. Please contact me if you want to know about the criminal acts of this doctor.

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