4 years of rigorous imprisionment and Rs 1 lakh fine for Bangaru Laxman-ex BJP Chief !

Bangaru Laxman broke down in the court after he was sentenced. He was caught in camera, taking bribe of Rs 1 lakh by fake arm dealers who were actually doing a sting operation on him. The news portal Tehelka.com which did the sting operation had to face the music of the then central government of  BJP however, after 11 years, truth came back winning when the 72 year old guilty politician was sentenced for 4 years of rigorous imprisionment and Rs 1 Lakh fine!

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New variety of Mango named -Akhilesh Aam in Uttar Pradesh!

A new variety of mango grown by Padamshree hoticulturist Kaleemullah Khan has bee given the name Akhilesh Aam(Mango), after the name of the present CM of Uttar Pradesh, who is also the youngest all Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh,so far! Incidently the tree has produced fruits in 5 years time, as per , Mr Khan, which no mango tree does in such a tender age, it is named Akhilesh by him.

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akhilesh yadav cartoon image,mulayam singh cartoon image,

mango variety named after Akhilesh Yadav

Nirmal Baba’s ‘dashank’ makes him multi-millionaire ?

Dashank is the tenth part of an individual’s earning which God man Nirmal Baba asks his followers to send to him for a god’s cause or a good cause which need not be revealed to the followers. In return they can assure themselves a problem – free life ! Well, it is the same accumulation of 10th part of his follower’s money which he gets every month and which has made his annual turnover Rs 238 plus crores. Of course Baba ji pays all his income taxes and hence all the money is his own earned money ! Its the followers who have made him ritchie rich on their own willingness.None ever bothered to think – does God or God men need money for solving people’s problems ?

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