Islamic Marriage Guide-A Gift For Muslim Couple,sparks outrage among Moderate Muslims in Britain!

Termed, a guide to healthy Islamic marriage relation, the 160 page book written by prominent Islamic scholar, Maulavi Ashraf Ali Thanvi- ‘A Gift For Muslim Couple’, has raised eyebrows amongst Muslims, in Britain,who believe it promotes domestic violence. A section of the book explains ‘best ways to beat wives’ and advises husbands to use stick , hand or pull wife by her ears.

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Well, should a respectable scholar,cover his personal opinion of  being violent towards womankind, under the banner of religion?

President Pratibha Patil’s Foreign Travel Expenses Rs 205 crore ?

Series of RTI applications have disclosed that the first woman President of the nation has undertaken 12 foreign trips covering 22 countries across four continents since assuming office on July 2007 and has another 4 months of office and a trip to South Africa, to travel.Interestingly,her traveling expenses are the highest among all other presidents of India,so far.

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Afridi apologises after the Karachi Airport Brawl!

‘Boom Boom Afridi’ as he is popularly called for his speedy run making abilities ended up roughing up with fans , infront of the camera , after he noticed his 3 year-old daughter being pushed by a fan , just to reach out to Afridi for an autograph. A protective and caring father ended up attacking the fan with punches,slaps and kicks,until he was stopped by his brother. After the incident , Afridi apologized for the shameful act but also clarified his reasons for losing his temper. Pakistani team was returning back home after the Asia Cup win and Afridi’s daughter along with family members was there to recieve him at the Karachi Airport.

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Again,Congress Stands Tough Against Anna ?

Congress Spokesperson Rashid Alvi declared Anna can fast as much but lokpal bill and the laws regarding the same would be made and passed by the parliament and not by any individual(Anna).

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In the past,Government has been able to control Team Anna agitation ,quite successfully and the fading impact of Anna and his team – members , including acquisitions made on key members of Team Anna, has given the Government the confidence that Anna is no more a threat to them.However,politics is as unpredictable as the game of cricket and it may be possible that, today’s fast and protest , headed by Anna again,would bring his popularity back!