Mamata Banerjee bans ‘politically motivated newspapers’ in state funded libraries in Bengal ?



March 30th-Mamata Banerjee adds one English Daily after continued pressure by CPM and civic bodies. However,she gives the same rebuttal on the matter,refering it as a systematic move to malign the government.

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If one frequents state-run libraries in Bengal and follows newspapers there, he/she has to develop ‘free thinking’ and the TMC government has initiated steps to promote free thinking by banning ‘Politically Motivated’ Newspapers and dailies in the state-run libraries. Leading Bengali Newspapers ‘Ananda Bazar’ and ‘Bartaman’ are among the newspapers which wont be available in any state-run libraries,considering that they hamper free thinking of readers. However,both these newspapers are not owned by any political party. Interestingly, there are 8 newspapers available for readers which include Bengali newspaper-Sangbad Pratidin, which is owned by TMC (RS) MP,Sanmarg- a hindi newspaper,owned by Vivek Gupta,elected as Rajya Sabha (MP) on TMC ticket.CPM mouthpiece,Ganashakti,is banned categorically.

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It seems Bengal has to follow Gandhiji’s principle of 3 monkeys for the TMC Government- ‘Bura Mut Dekho,Bura Mut Suno,Bura Mut Kaho'(Dont see,listen or talk bad)

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