IPS Officer Killed by Mining Mafia in MP ?

March 11 2012

Officer Narendra Kumar’s wife asks for CBI investigation on husband’s murder.

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Political environment get intense in MP,acquisitions and counter-acquisitions from political parties continues!

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The Chhattarpur district administration on Sunday cancelled all sand mining contracts in the district  after media continuously criticized killing of young IPS officer, Narendra Kumar by alleged stone-mining mafia .

March 09 2012

Narendra Kumar ceremeted today.Family doubts planned murder.

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Father Confesses,Narendra was under pressure

Fellow IPS Officer thinks Narendra was killed for honesty

March 08 2012

Madhya Pradesh, once a state popular for the dacoits of Chambal now remains in news for similar reasons, the only difference is the dacoits are now termed the Mining – Mafias and rather than attacking and robbing houses of wealthy people in towns, these mafias rob the government.The Mafias are so powerful that they can shut any voice , once and for all, that even whispers against them, and be it anyone.

In their horrific and daring act today, they ended the life of 30-year-old IPS Officer on probation, Narendra Kumar Singh who had asked one of the illegally mined stone carrying tractor, to stop. Manoj Gurjar, the driver of the tractor-trolley allegedly ran-over his tractor on the officer when the officer blocked the road with  his Service-Vehicle, in front of the tractor. He has been arrested. The Officer’s wife is also an IPS officer who is on maternity leave to Delhi. Narendra Kumar Singh was posted at Banmore since last one month and in these  days he had seized number of trucks and tractors engaged in illegal mining in the area.

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Not impossible that this was a pre-planned murder of the officer. May be the driver Gurjar was hired to kill the officer. In a state where a police officer of IPS rank can be killed one can imagine  the condition of  law and order.

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