Obama urges American companies not to recruit skilled labour from India and China!

American President Barrack Obama has insisted US Companies not to hire skilled labours from India and China in fields of science , technology and engineering instead create jobs for people of the country. He has also promised incentives to companies willing to follow his appeal. He has plans all set for the same where he wishes to reward quality teachers. He insisted schools should give teaching just not for preparing for tests but for knowledge. 

This is the most a President can do and he indeed is. Not sure about China but in India , the level of education may or may not be very high but the pressure of the same remains very high from the very moment a kid starts going to kindergartens. Curriculum books are forced deep inside the bones of even the worst of a student and out of them come out the chosen engineers , doctors and scientists. Surely India would never cease to keep producing highly educated professionals because getting  jobs and settling down in the USA, UK or Australia is among common dreams of  Indians. Somehow we Indians are in love with Dollars and would chase any standards set to reach up to the level.

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Blast in Delhi – Israel Embassy Car attacked leaving 4 Injured!

Delhi faced fresh terror attack today, Feb12th’2012 at around 3:15pm leaving four people injured. An Israeli Embassy car caught fire after a minor explosion in Delhi’s Tughlak Road on Monday injuring four people. The area where this blast took place is packed with embassy offices of different countries and also the residence of Indian Prime Minister and  has been given extra security by Special Protection Group officers.

 Two men on a motorbike are suspected behind the attack as they were the ones seen around the car during the incident and some witnesses claim the bikers were seen throwing something at the car. Out of the 4 people injured , two are employees of the embassy. The driver of the innova car is also injured. However the 4th person, the wife of a Defence Personal of Israel has suffered major injuries and has been admitted in Primus Hospital.

Israeli Government is considering this to be a terror attack and  Security agencies  have been alerted  in  all the major cities of the country.

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Sena Supremo Bal Thackeray Still Open To Accept Raj Thackeray back in Sena!

Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thackeray hinted about his open arms for nephew Raj Thackeray back in Shiv Sena provided Raj initiates the move. Also the Sena Supremo admitted that Marathi Manus votes are getting distributed between MNS and Shiv Sena because their split.

Well, it does not seem Raj Thackeray will ever get back to Sena.In fact he has already walked few steps ahead successfully with MNS, now being considered a strong political party throughout Maharashtra, within few years. However, the fact for now remains that the new baby born out of the Sena is making the Sena weak by eating up considerable number of Marathi Manus Votes of the Sena. In the process , its the NCP and Congress which are becoming stronger.

Politics on the basis of religion , caste and state is getting weaker in urban cities of India, thanks to the minimum level of literacy in these areas however a great part of India is still rural and easily gets influenced by all the political parties who under the blanket of  well-wishers of particular religion ,caste or state , keep the flame of divide and rule alive throughout the nation.

Hyderabad boy stabbed in the UK,Critical Injuries! 11 arrested.


How Safe Are Indian Students Abroad ?

Pravin Reddy, a student of MBA at the London Business School was supposed to be in his hometown Hyderabad , coming week to attaned a family wedding. However he is fighting for his life currently at the Royal London Hospital as he was brutally stabbed several times which has given him serious injuriies on his chest and abdomen. He had gone to attend a party in Newham where this incident happened and 11 people have been arrested by the Scotland Yard in connection.

Latest update on the matter was, among the 11 accused there are 3 Indians – Amareshwar Arava, 25, Sai Kishore Balguri, 25 and Nishanth Puttapaka, 23. Considering this incident , racial conflict would therefore be unfair. The reasons of the incident can only be understood once the victim, Pravin Reddy is in a position to speak up. Although even now his condition remains critical.

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Last December, on boxing day Anuj Bhidve a 23 old, Lancashire University electronics student was gunned down in Salford, Greater Manchester.

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Similar attacks on Indians have been repeated at intervals and it is alarming now. Parents send their children to the UK and Australia for quality higher studies and such incidents would surely make parents reluctant towards such universities abroad. After all , Life is much precious than quality education. Despite of UK Universities assuring security of students from foreign countries such incidents do not seem to cease.