India Vs Sri Lanka – India chases 320 – Stable Start !

 India Vs Sri Lanka Commonwealth Series -Cruical Match!

10th over –

Sachin Tendulkar out in the 10th over of the match , after Sehwag. India stands 97 for 2 now in 10 overs . Sachin was given Leg- Before on Malinga’s bowl. Mission Impossible Continues with Gambhir and Virat Kohli on the crease!

12 th over –

105 for 2

Much rests on Kohli and Gambhir , in the match , after Sachin and Sehwag gave a bold start to India , though not that satisfactory. Indian Cricket Fans can hope for Miracles, a little now!

13th over-

108 for 2

14th over-

113 for 2

15th over-

118 for 2

Testing time for every Indian player who can bat, particularly for the future players including Gambhir and Kohli.

16th over-

127 for 2 -Kohli hits a 4 in the last ball

17th over-

134 for 2

18th over-

143 for 2

run out chance for Kohli but safe!

2nd bowl of the over Kohli hits a 4 . 50 runs partnership between Kohli and Gambhir.

19th over-

153 for 2

Kohli hits a 6 in the 2nd bowl of the over

20th over-

67 of 58 deliveries till the last over between Kohli and Gambhir

160 for 2

21st over-

India needs 121 runs in another 20 overs to win with bonus point . Can they make it happen ?

167 for 2

22nd over-

Kulasekara brought into attack.

172 for 2

23rd over-

Gambhir reaches his 50

176 for 2

25th over-

Kohli reaches 50 in the 24th over

190 for 2

26th over-

Mathews brought into attack.

run out appeal against Kohli but safe.

193 for 2 in 25.2 overs

196  for 2

27th over –

26.5 India 198 for 2  

199 for 2

28th over-

27.3 Run Out Gambhir

Sri Lanka takes bowling power play. Mathews to bowl.

India completes 200 runs in 27.2 overs

Raina is in.

Kohli hits a 4.

208 for 3

29th over-

Raina hits ball high up in the air towards the on side but thankfully was safe.

215   for 3

30th over-

Malinga comes to bowl

1st bowl and Kohli hits a 4

4th bowl and this time Raina hits a 4

last ball of the over goes for a wide down the leg side

the last ball fetches another leg-by 4

15 runs of the over

230 for 3

31st over

91 in 60 balls to win by bonus points . Can India do it ?

Kulasekara bowling

Raina hits a 4 of the 1st bowl

lbw appeal on the 2nd bowl but denied by umpire

3rd bowl-wide

3rd bowlKohli  hits a 4 on the 3rd bowl after wide

4th bowl Kohli hits another 4

5th bowl Kohli hits 3rd 4

last bowl no runs

18 runs from the over

248 for 3

32nd over

Perera bowling

250 comes from the 1st bowl,

2nd and  bowl dot with Raina facing.

3rd  4th and 5th bowl 1 run each.

last bowl and Kohli hits a 4.

257 for 3

33rd over-

Malinga back in attack.

1st bowl- 1 run by Raina India takes Batting Power play

2nd bowl-1 run by Kohli

3rd bowl-Raina hits a 4.

4th bowl-1 run by Raina

5th bowl-1 run by Kohli

6th bowl-dot bowl Raina

265 for 3

34th over-

Perera bowls

1st bowl -2 runs by Kohli currently on 96 runs.

wide bowl down leg.

2nd bowl-dot bowl

3rd bowl-1 run by Kohli

4th bowl-3 runs

5th bowl-1 run

6th bowl-6 hit by Raina

14 runs of the over

279 for 3

35th over

1st bowl 2 runs Kohli gets his 100 in 106 balls

2nd ball Kohli hits a 6

3rd ball hit for 4 by Kohli

4th ball hits another 4, Kohli

5th ball – Kohli hits 4 once again

6th bowl Kohli hits one more 4

24 runs in the over

Malinga 86 of 7 overs

303 runs for 3

36th over-

Mathews bowling

1st bowl- 2 runs

2nd bowl- 3 runs

3rd bowl-1 run by Kohli

4th bowl-1 run by Raina

5th bowl- 1 run

6th ball dot.

311 for 3

37th over-

11 runs out of 24 balls to make bonus point win possible

1st ball – 2 runs

2nd ball-1 run

3rd ball- 4 runs hit by Kohli

4th ball – 4 runs hit

India wins ! Gets the bonus point win and keeps hopes alive to reach finals, if Sri Lanka loses to Australia.

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