India Vs Sri Lanka – 28th February 2012-Lanka scores massive 320!

Team India, Up Against Mission Impossible !

India needs 321 in 40 overs to maintain chances in Commonwealth Finals

The horrible performance of Team India continues with Sri Lanka scoring huge 320 in 50 overs bowled by India. The lead bowler Zaheer Khan, Praveen Kumar, Yadav , almost every bowler seemed helpless in front of Dilshan and Sangakara.

The worrying part being, this match is the only probable chance for India to get through finals , seems purely bleak now. In order to gain a place back in finals India not only has to chase 320 within 40 overs but also has to pray that Sri Lanka looses the upcoming match with Australia. If India would not be in finals due to Sri Lanka winning over Australia , is a different ball game but at least the crucial match should have been played more intensely than what it has turned out to be , in the first half, with Indian bowlers giving up in front of Sri Lanka. Only miracles can make India score 320 in 40 overs as the top-order, top-class batsmen have been regularly disappointing. Be it Sehwag, who is more interested in keeping his dare-devil image intact by hitting the oddest ball in the first few overs or the Master Blaster, who somehow never managed to shut-up the critics so far, in the series. Gautam Gambhir being a little consistent is not promising always and Raina and Sharma have been disastrous since the very beginning of the series. Ravindra Jadeja is also not that promising and captain Dhoni alone cannot score the huge score when mostly he keeps busy blaming either his teammates or the opposition for losses. Not much can be expected out of the bats of Ashwin,Praveen Kumar, Zaheer and Yadav.

No matter what the outcome of the match would be but if India has to win , it has to be in style and well within 40 overs which is very close to impossible given the mindset of Team India which holds the badge of World-Cup Champion. All they have shown so far as world champions, is ego and attitude but the game has drowned since the World-Cup. Never did our Team India, dominate the World Cricket, like once the Australians did for a decade and it is merely a badge of World – Champions which is keeping fans hope for their Team India.

Within few hours the facts would be in hand for Indian supporters and all we would be left with is either a hope that India reaches Commonwealth finals or a hope that India would make a come back in upcoming Asia Cup(if India gets out of the tournament).  Hope for a better tournament ahead-Is that not what we have been doing since ages ? Cricket considered a religion in itself  makes the  ‘ Top Cricket 11 ‘ , millionaires and celebrities and in return what the cricket fans get is mostly disappointment. Better is the India Hockey team, which may not have more than 10 percent of country support and yet managed to qualify for Olympics, after 8 years.

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