Is Saif brawl a publicity stunt for Agent Vinod ?

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Latest news on the incident of Saif’s alleged fight with South African businessman Iqbal Meer Sharma as explained by the victim is that Saif was accompanied with 3 friends and Kareena and Iqbal had asked the management of the restaurant thrice to ask Saif and friends to speak slowly. Failing to deaf ears, Iqbal and his father in law decided to go downstairs in the restaurant and asked their food to be brought down. While he and his father-in-law was heading down , Saif who had gone out of the restaurant was heading upstairs,crossed them and started being abusive and asked Iqbal to look for a library if he wanted peace and when Iqbal’s father-in-law tried to stop them , he ended up punching him and then his friends also joined him and Iqbal and his father-in-law was kicked and punched!

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Saif of course has a different story to narrate. He was taken in custody and was released on bail of Rs 15000 and he counter-filed a case accusing of being hit first by the elderly man (father-in-law). He also claimed doubts of Iqbal’s nose being broken and instead said he received a hit on his eye by the elderly man resulting which he could not stop himself.He claimed CC TV footage inside the restaurant would reveal facts about he being charged at first.  Although he apologized and repented the incident in media.

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The most interesting claims came from the neighbours of Iqbal Meer Sharma who say that both Saif and Iqbal were old friends and all this is nothing but publicity stunt for Saif’s upcoming movie ‘Agent Vinod’.

Well, it is only Saif and Iqbal who know what is the truth and for us it is a momentary news to gossip about !

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