Hyderabad boy stabbed in the UK,Critical Injuries! 11 arrested.


How Safe Are Indian Students Abroad ?

Pravin Reddy, a student of MBA at the London Business School was supposed to be in his hometown Hyderabad , coming week to attaned a family wedding. However he is fighting for his life currently at the Royal London Hospital as he was brutally stabbed several times which has given him serious injuriies on his chest and abdomen. He had gone to attend a party in Newham where this incident happened and 11 people have been arrested by the Scotland Yard in connection.

Latest update on the matter was, among the 11 accused there are 3 Indians – Amareshwar Arava, 25, Sai Kishore Balguri, 25 and Nishanth Puttapaka, 23. Considering this incident , racial conflict would therefore be unfair. The reasons of the incident can only be understood once the victim, Pravin Reddy is in a position to speak up. Although even now his condition remains critical.

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Last December, on boxing day Anuj Bhidve a 23 old, Lancashire University electronics student was gunned down in Salford, Greater Manchester.

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Similar attacks on Indians have been repeated at intervals and it is alarming now. Parents send their children to the UK and Australia for quality higher studies and such incidents would surely make parents reluctant towards such universities abroad. After all , Life is much precious than quality education. Despite of UK Universities assuring security of students from foreign countries such incidents do not seem to cease.

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