12 year old Delhi boy dies while imitating suicide,as seen on TV.

Impact of reel-life on real-life ?

Suhail, a 12 year old boy is reported to have been found hanging  from ceiling fan at his Jafrabad home in Delhi, on 7th February’2012. The shocking incident took place when the class 5 student was alone at home while his parents Mohammad Salim and Isha had gone out.
His mother recalls, some days back , Suhail had watched a suicide scene in a movie on TV and was very inquisitive about the act and the reasons behind it. His mother scolded him about his query.However,she also recalls the kid started remaining upset since then. The only kid of parents was rushed to Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital but was declared dead. In the initial investigation , police doubts accidental death while imitating the act.

A day back, a Chennai based class 9 boy had stabbed his school-teacher to death. These incidents are alarming for the urban Indian society where mostly the families are nuclear and both parents are normally working. Kids need proper parental counselling during the early teenage. They are more into experimenting and less bothered about consequences of the act. Even schools should have professional counselling sessions, at least once a week. The growing impact of Television and movies leave kids curious about many things they are not aware of and hence it is the parents who need to be patiently counselling the kids.

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