Indian Wrestler Lokesh Kumar thrown out of train by five youths!

How safe is Indian Railways for its passengers ?

8th February 2012 , HaryanaNational Level Junior Wrestler , Lokesh Kumar is suffering from fractured backbone and multiple head injuries after being thrown out of moving Dadar Express train by 5 people.  The incident took place between Ambala and Sonepat and the wrestler lied by the tracks for almost 12 hours before being noticed and admitted to the hospital by the locals. Reportedly, he was going to Gonda to participate in the selection camp for upcoming  tournament in Thailand when this happened.

No arrests have been reported so far. It is astonishing that Yuvraj Singh, a cricketer, has the nation by his side after reports being revealed of he suffering from cancerous tumour though in first stage and news and controversies have been following since it was revealed in media and there lies another athlete of national level fighting for his life assaulted by anti-social elements while the culprits are free.

This is not for the first time this has happened . On April 13 ‘2011 Sonu Sinha , a national level volley-ball and football player was thrown out by robbers trying to snatch a gold chain from her neck. The incident happened in Padmavat Express, between Chenati and Bareilly stations,in Uttar Pradesh. The athlete lost her leg in the incident.

If citizens of national recognition are not safe in the trains of the country, think about commoners of the nation. These sufferers somehow made to the news as they are known to the nation. What about the common citizens ? Who knows if similar incidents take place every other day in the Indian Railways and the cases may be closed as accidental deaths !  This is an utter failure of Indian Railways and the Railway Police and a shame on their administration!

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