Baby found in a Carton-Box in Bangalore- 2nd incident in a days time.

Another Unwanted Baby Abondened ?

What is wrong with the mothers of India?

It has not been a fortnight since the nation was shocked by the brutal physical assault of the 2 year old baby-girl Falak , in Delhi who was admitted by the teenage mother  herself . The mother admitted the crime after being caught by the cops. 

Fresh incidents of babies being abandoned are making news. On Tuesday , a baby was found in a train in West Bengal and 24 hours passed by and no one claimed the poor child and now its Bangalore , where the garbage – pickers ended up discovering a carton which had a baby inside. The baby is merely 6 days old and has been orphaned.
How can  some mothers be so cruel towards their own kids ? Why do they not get aborted if they do not want the kids ? What is the fault of the kids being born to such inhuman parents ?

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