Virat Kohli becomes Vice-Captain

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Virat Kohli’s mind-blowing performance at the Hobart not only helped India win over Sri Lanka with bonus points but also enlightened hopes of India being able to qualify for finals of Commonwealth Series, in case , Australia wins against Sri Lanka in the upcoming match. It is up to fate now, whether India would get through the finals as all Indian cricket fans and Team India can do now is pray for Australia’s win over Sri Lanka. However, BCCI closely marked , 23-year-old Virat Kohli’s confidence during the last game. The last match not only fetched Virat Man-Of -The-Match award but also made him the Vice-captain of Team India for the upcoming Asia Cup.

Be it Sehwag’s non-performance in the series or his injuries as explained by Kris Srikkanth , reason being not selecting him for Asia Cup, it is Virat Kohli , who got to replace him as the vice-captain, over the much anticiapted Gautam Gambhir. His marvellous knock of 133 runs (not out) in 86 balls was an eye-catcher for the world and a ray of hope for Team India, after the Master-Blaster retires. He completed his 9th century in the last match and can be assumed as a probable captain of the future. After Yuvraj Singh, it has been Virat Kohli who looks full of confidence and seems a tough challenge for opponents round the world. Malinga who is a terror of Sri Lanka’s pace attack and has the ability of bowling 6 yorker in an over also seemed helpless in front of the budding talent. He ended up giving as high as 24 runs of an over , maximum of which was scored by Virat.

As Indian Cricket Fans, all we can pray and expect is Kohli continues this way much like the Little Master- Blaster , Sachin Tendulkar, whose replacement is as much a miracle as yesterday’s Bonus point win of India over Sri Lanka was. Yet it happened all thanks to Sehwag , Sachin , Gambhir , Raina and above all Virat Kohli !

Annoyed Srikkanth asks reporters to Shut-Up ?

Reporters curious enough to get the update on Team India selection for the upcoming Asia Cup ended up annoying Kris Srikkanth, chairman of selectors, after the press – conference. Srikkanth had announced the 15 players for Asia Cup which excludes Zaheer Khan and Virendra Sehwag.

Curious to find out the actual reason as to why Sehwag was chucked out for the Asia Cup , the reporters repeated the same question differently which apparently harassed him so much that he asked them to Shut-Up ! He reasoned Sehwag and Zaheer being excluded on grounds of injury and after the reports from physio however, the reporters doubted Sehwag being out due to his bad performance throughout the Australian Series , so far !

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Didi’s Nephew taken in custody ?

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Bengal Chief Minister ,Mamata Banerjee aka Didi, seems to have been attracting unwanted Media attention in yet another incident where her nephew , Akash Banerjee was taken into custody by the cops , after he roughed up with a traffic constable at around 11am , today 29th Feb. He has been booked along with 2 others for rash driving.

Lets hope, Didi does not end up terming the incident as ‘Sajano Ghotona'(Cooked-Up Story) , like several rape cases and TMC brutality and Cop’s reluctance to react at TMC supporters, allegedly attacking reporters and journalists,covering the conflicts between TMC and CPM workers on the Bandh – Day , 28th feb.

1st March 2012

Akash Banerjee’s Bail rejected,sent to judicial custody

Akash along with 2 associates and the driver of his car had to spend yesterday night in lock-up and were produced at court which denied their bail till tomorrow 2nd March. Akash has been charged under four sections one of which includes assaulting public servant on duty.Subir Kumar Ghosh the traffic constable said that he was not been beaten up yet he was pushed and jostled.

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Didi burdened with Criticisms and Acquisitions-One more rape incident?

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In yet another shocking rape incident in West Bengal a junior doctor has been accused of raping a patient who is hearing impared.The incident took place allegedly in Bankura Medical College in Bengal.

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1st March 2012

The junior doctor accused for raping hearing-impaired girl in Bankura Medical College has been arrested. Victim’s mother explained she had taken the daughter to the hospital after complains of chest plain and the doctor took her inside a room while asking mother to wait. After 2 hours when she could not wait anymore , she barged into the room where she found her daughter in naked state. The daughter then explained the incident in sign-language to her mother following which the FIR was lodged!

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Previously two incidents of rape had shocked the nation , questioning the safety of women in Bengal. A 30-year-old woman was reported to have been raped by gang of robbers and prior to this incident , a 37-year-old mother of two was raped in a moving car. Initially, commenting this incident as got-up case, chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, faced criticisms,once the rape was proved. Gang rape by robbers too was stated as conspiracy against the government , by the CM.

Her apology on strikes promoted by her in the past, as opposition and request to people of Bengal not to entertain such strikes has also been contradictory and has been termed as hypocrisy.Mamata Banerjee has been under fire from opposition in the past for repeated child deaths in various hospitals of Bengal. Well, incidents of such kind are surely raising concerns however, Chief Minister’s blunt statement has been more concerning where she has been accusing incidents as conspiracy! It is time that will decide if these incidents are truly conspired but with the present change in the administration of state and the promising leadership of Mamata, Bengal hopes for a change for good. Since TMC won in Bengal and ‘Didi’ held the CM’s post she has also been noticed contradicting the UPA on number of issues.

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India vs Sri Lanka – India wins!

Mission Impossible made possible by India!

The best match so far in the Commonwealth Series. The crucial match between Sri Lanka and India ended with India winning after chasing 320 runs in 36.4 overs.

Sachin and Sehwag gave a great start to the chase.

Gambhir made a half century and kept the chase intact.

Kohli kept his attempts tight scoring a century and thrashing Malinga almost every ball he bowled to him.

Raina supported Kohli by sticking on the wicket.

Result- India made miracles come true winning the match impossible in only 36.4 overs. Bonus points in hand , India now has a chance of expecting to be in finals provided Australia wins over Sri Lanka , in the upcoming match!

India Vs Sri Lanka – India chases 320 – Stable Start !

 India Vs Sri Lanka Commonwealth Series -Cruical Match!

10th over –

Sachin Tendulkar out in the 10th over of the match , after Sehwag. India stands 97 for 2 now in 10 overs . Sachin was given Leg- Before on Malinga’s bowl. Mission Impossible Continues with Gambhir and Virat Kohli on the crease!

12 th over –

105 for 2

Much rests on Kohli and Gambhir , in the match , after Sachin and Sehwag gave a bold start to India , though not that satisfactory. Indian Cricket Fans can hope for Miracles, a little now!

13th over-

108 for 2

14th over-

113 for 2

15th over-

118 for 2

Testing time for every Indian player who can bat, particularly for the future players including Gambhir and Kohli.

16th over-

127 for 2 -Kohli hits a 4 in the last ball

17th over-

134 for 2

18th over-

143 for 2

run out chance for Kohli but safe!

2nd bowl of the over Kohli hits a 4 . 50 runs partnership between Kohli and Gambhir.

19th over-

153 for 2

Kohli hits a 6 in the 2nd bowl of the over

20th over-

67 of 58 deliveries till the last over between Kohli and Gambhir

160 for 2

21st over-

India needs 121 runs in another 20 overs to win with bonus point . Can they make it happen ?

167 for 2

22nd over-

Kulasekara brought into attack.

172 for 2

23rd over-

Gambhir reaches his 50

176 for 2

25th over-

Kohli reaches 50 in the 24th over

190 for 2

26th over-

Mathews brought into attack.

run out appeal against Kohli but safe.

193 for 2 in 25.2 overs

196  for 2

27th over –

26.5 India 198 for 2  

199 for 2

28th over-

27.3 Run Out Gambhir

Sri Lanka takes bowling power play. Mathews to bowl.

India completes 200 runs in 27.2 overs

Raina is in.

Kohli hits a 4.

208 for 3

29th over-

Raina hits ball high up in the air towards the on side but thankfully was safe.

215   for 3

30th over-

Malinga comes to bowl

1st bowl and Kohli hits a 4

4th bowl and this time Raina hits a 4

last ball of the over goes for a wide down the leg side

the last ball fetches another leg-by 4

15 runs of the over

230 for 3

31st over

91 in 60 balls to win by bonus points . Can India do it ?

Kulasekara bowling

Raina hits a 4 of the 1st bowl

lbw appeal on the 2nd bowl but denied by umpire

3rd bowl-wide

3rd bowlKohli  hits a 4 on the 3rd bowl after wide

4th bowl Kohli hits another 4

5th bowl Kohli hits 3rd 4

last bowl no runs

18 runs from the over

248 for 3

32nd over

Perera bowling

250 comes from the 1st bowl,

2nd and  bowl dot with Raina facing.

3rd  4th and 5th bowl 1 run each.

last bowl and Kohli hits a 4.

257 for 3

33rd over-

Malinga back in attack.

1st bowl- 1 run by Raina India takes Batting Power play

2nd bowl-1 run by Kohli

3rd bowl-Raina hits a 4.

4th bowl-1 run by Raina

5th bowl-1 run by Kohli

6th bowl-dot bowl Raina

265 for 3

34th over-

Perera bowls

1st bowl -2 runs by Kohli currently on 96 runs.

wide bowl down leg.

2nd bowl-dot bowl

3rd bowl-1 run by Kohli

4th bowl-3 runs

5th bowl-1 run

6th bowl-6 hit by Raina

14 runs of the over

279 for 3

35th over

1st bowl 2 runs Kohli gets his 100 in 106 balls

2nd ball Kohli hits a 6

3rd ball hit for 4 by Kohli

4th ball hits another 4, Kohli

5th ball – Kohli hits 4 once again

6th bowl Kohli hits one more 4

24 runs in the over

Malinga 86 of 7 overs

303 runs for 3

36th over-

Mathews bowling

1st bowl- 2 runs

2nd bowl- 3 runs

3rd bowl-1 run by Kohli

4th bowl-1 run by Raina

5th bowl- 1 run

6th ball dot.

311 for 3

37th over-

11 runs out of 24 balls to make bonus point win possible

1st ball – 2 runs

2nd ball-1 run

3rd ball- 4 runs hit by Kohli

4th ball – 4 runs hit

India wins ! Gets the bonus point win and keeps hopes alive to reach finals, if Sri Lanka loses to Australia.

India Vs Sri Lanka – 28th February 2012-Lanka scores massive 320!

Team India, Up Against Mission Impossible !

India needs 321 in 40 overs to maintain chances in Commonwealth Finals

The horrible performance of Team India continues with Sri Lanka scoring huge 320 in 50 overs bowled by India. The lead bowler Zaheer Khan, Praveen Kumar, Yadav , almost every bowler seemed helpless in front of Dilshan and Sangakara.

The worrying part being, this match is the only probable chance for India to get through finals , seems purely bleak now. In order to gain a place back in finals India not only has to chase 320 within 40 overs but also has to pray that Sri Lanka looses the upcoming match with Australia. If India would not be in finals due to Sri Lanka winning over Australia , is a different ball game but at least the crucial match should have been played more intensely than what it has turned out to be , in the first half, with Indian bowlers giving up in front of Sri Lanka. Only miracles can make India score 320 in 40 overs as the top-order, top-class batsmen have been regularly disappointing. Be it Sehwag, who is more interested in keeping his dare-devil image intact by hitting the oddest ball in the first few overs or the Master Blaster, who somehow never managed to shut-up the critics so far, in the series. Gautam Gambhir being a little consistent is not promising always and Raina and Sharma have been disastrous since the very beginning of the series. Ravindra Jadeja is also not that promising and captain Dhoni alone cannot score the huge score when mostly he keeps busy blaming either his teammates or the opposition for losses. Not much can be expected out of the bats of Ashwin,Praveen Kumar, Zaheer and Yadav.

No matter what the outcome of the match would be but if India has to win , it has to be in style and well within 40 overs which is very close to impossible given the mindset of Team India which holds the badge of World-Cup Champion. All they have shown so far as world champions, is ego and attitude but the game has drowned since the World-Cup. Never did our Team India, dominate the World Cricket, like once the Australians did for a decade and it is merely a badge of World – Champions which is keeping fans hope for their Team India.

Within few hours the facts would be in hand for Indian supporters and all we would be left with is either a hope that India reaches Commonwealth finals or a hope that India would make a come back in upcoming Asia Cup(if India gets out of the tournament).  Hope for a better tournament ahead-Is that not what we have been doing since ages ? Cricket considered a religion in itself  makes the  ‘ Top Cricket 11 ‘ , millionaires and celebrities and in return what the cricket fans get is mostly disappointment. Better is the India Hockey team, which may not have more than 10 percent of country support and yet managed to qualify for Olympics, after 8 years.

Labour Strike in India on February 28th And Politics Of Bengal!

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TMC against 28th feb labour strike

What is considered to be the voice of trade unions affiliated to most of the mainstream political parties protesting against price rise, violation of labour rights and the Government’s free market policies like disinvestment in public sector companies and privatisation of services is a matter of concern for the ruling UPA, in the centre and a fight of political superiority, in Bengal. The contest is between TMC and CPM,directly in the state.

Is the core issue of strike ‘Power Test’ between TMC & CPM in Bengal ?

CITU called Bandh-Industrial Strike , supported by parent CPI(M) on 28th February 2012 in Bengal today forced the CM Mamata Banerjee admit that strikes do not help any State and Nation. She also ended up apologizing to the people of Bengal for using Bandhs as strongest weapon against the ruling CPM government, in the past. She requested Bengal not to participate in the Industrial Strike and assured necessary arrangements of smooth running of government-run transports like the trains,trams,metro and government buses and warned government officials of actions against the absentees!

Well, it is only after 12 hours from now will we get to know if these appeals and apologies worked for TMC as it was the same party which would frequent the state with regular Bandhs on every possible matter, mostly to show the then ruling Government, the strength and support it was generating, with every passing day.Not to forget, it has rarely been the call or support of issues and political parties, that was behind the success of all the Bandhs but it was the habit of getting used to with the unofficial holidays and spending leisure time, which had been forcing the state to accept any strikes, be it from any party.One cannot deny the chances of violence between supporters of strikes and the ones who wish to attend offices, however, it mostly became reason of a holiday, unquestioned!

Today, it is the opposition which is exploding the same bomb of Strikes on the ruling TMC , mostly to show the strength, it is regaining or to check the strength, after the loss of governance. Topics are too petty to call for a strike yet no big deal if the habituated citizens of Bengal would prefer to spend a leisure time at home while the opposition would claim success of the strike and give TMC a reality-check. On the other side, it is a testing time for Mamata Banerjee , who will have to make sure the Strike has minimum impact. Although, sensing the urgency she already apologized a day before for all the strikes she promoted as opposition party and by appealing Bengal not to support the Bandh! Mamata Banerjee has indicated crackdown measures to ensure the strike doe not effect the state.

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Kapil Sibal Wants Internet to be governed by regulations!

Telecom Minister , Kapil Sibal who has been in news for backing content filtration issue on the net has made yet another statement on social media. He believes like the print and electronic media even social media should be governed under regulations. Well, he still believes his views are not against the rights of  Freedom Of Speech.

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