“Tonight Show With Jay Leno”-Leno’s controversial remark on Golden Temple.

On January 19’2012,the NBC Channel Chat Show, ‘ Tonight Show with Jay Leno’  again made the Indians,perticularly the Sikhs raise eyebrows not only in America and India but Worldwide as well. 

Jay Leno, the popular host showed an illuminated picture of Golden Temple of Amritsar as the summer home of Mitt Romney,  a rich businessman and politician  who making news these days for amassing wealth and evading rightful taxes.

This is not for the first time Jay Leno has crossed limits of humour while addressing the Sikh community. In 2007 in the same show he was criticized after he called Sikhs  ‘Diaper Heads’. But it does not seem to have any effect on him.

The American Sikh Community has protested against this but the point here is that Humour has its limits which American and British popular TV Show Hosts should realize. India always seems to be a soft-target for such humour where our religious and national sentiments are repeatedly hurt  and in return neither the concerned person seeks apology nor does he stop from repeating it.

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