If we Support Anna, Why Not Irom Sharmila Chanu?

Is Manipur cornered just because the state is in one corner of the country? Are they not Indians? Is AFSPA  Act which  is forced in most of the North-Eastern Indian States, the never-ending solution to govern these States?

One of the important points in the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (1958) is the army can use force, shoot or arrest anyone without warrant on the mere suspicion that someone has committed or was about to commit a cognisable offence. The Act also prohibits any legal or judicial proceeding against army personnel without the previous sanction of the Central Government. 

Is this how some state be ruled for years and years ? There are so many states in India facing the negativity of AFSPA act including Kashmir . Just because we are not from any of these states and we have nothing to do with their day-to-day sufferings , do we forget them ?

What is the assurance that the Army Officials are doing  everything correct and ethical, by the name of AFSPA  Act,  when the Government, we elect, turns out to be corrupt ? And how long  will  this continue? In the North- East  AFSPA was forced during 80s. Is everyone in these states supporting violence ? Can we buy that ? Is this Act not the reason of never-ending terrorism , in all these restless states ? Why are we not against this? Just because , inflation and bribery and taxes are part of day-to-day lives , we are with Anna, supporting Anti-Corruption Movements or may be because the Media has over-hyped the name Anna.

Does this not open our eyes to support Irom Sharmila , the Manipuri poet who is on hunger strike since last almost  11 years , against the AFSPA Act ? Is this the right example of our country claiming to be Democratic and Secular ?

Why are we not intending to support our brothers and sisters from the AFSPA , suffering States , live a life as free as ourselves ? They too have their say! If non-violence can force the British, out of the country and force the present Government,  listen to Anna Hazare, why not non-violence be implied in these states and people like Irom Sharmila ,who is fasting for the rights of the states , be supported by we Indians , inside and outside the country ?

3 thoughts on “If we Support Anna, Why Not Irom Sharmila Chanu?”

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  2. sad isn’ it Jack.. ? You know what the reason is? The politicians won’t get any mileage in paying heed to her cause… The media won’t get high viewership because people in India don’t care about the north eastern states and Kashmir… If she had been from any other state, she would have got the coverage and the response she deserves… Sad and pathetic but unfortunately true 🙁

    1. Moreover , there is politically vested interest in keeping some states at unrest .. I understand … biggest example Naba is Punjab .. they abolished the word called terror when they wanted to .. be it Kashmir or the northern states which are disturbed .. they are left that way intentionally !
      for Anna they had so much news and for the Iron Lady .. even till date the media has never bothered participating actively . At the end .. even they are corporate run by bureaucrats !! Shame and Painful 🙁

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