The nexus between the corporates, bureaucrats and politicians leads to inequality of wealth distribution. Result the common man suffers.

The Common man suffers – they are treated as puppets by Corporates. When they need finance they launch IPO’s to collect money from the public, and then buy back the shares when their goals have been established.

Corporates treat public as banks where they do not need to keep security. They trade with our money, provide us inferior quality goods and services, make abnormal profits{which not necessarily shows in their Balance Sheet} and keep building mansions and buying yachts for themselves or aircrafts for their families.

Do not invest your money in stocks – Hit back hard at the corporates, if they have to trade with our money, they have to be more responsible towards us as the people; merely paying dividends to the shareholders is not enough, they have to be more responsible to the society as a whole

Governments are not alone in ripping apart the  socio-economic harmony required for a stable society. The government has not been successful in providing the right information and education. Why does a number portability takes ages to come , isn’t it simply a cartel between the telecom companies and the government??

How long will it take now to eradicate the menace of Roaming?? A decade should be enough.

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