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Amit Shah’s rally denied approval in Kolkata

The BJP has knocked the door of the Kolkata High Court thrice now after being denied  approval for Amit Shah’s rally in outside Victoria Hall , a popular site ideally preferred by TMC Supremo, CM- Mamata Banerjee.  Although the BJP had applied for the ground in July, five months later – last week, the police rejected the request citing traffic problems. The city’s civic body and the fire department also reportedly cited lack of proper sketch of the stage plan as the reason for disapproval.

Is planting ‘lotus’ in Bengal so easy in our didi’s reign?

Amit Shah who has been the ‘key’ knight for Modi in General Elections cracking difficult states like Uttar Pradesh in BJP’s favour and Maharashtra in State Elections, has a tougher competition to face.

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BJP-Shiv Sena alliance at stake over seat sharing

After the BJP demanded 135 seats in upcoming Maharashtra assembly elections and stated it will form its govt, Shiv Sena too made its stand clear on Uddhav Thackeray, the Sena chief, as the only Chief Ministerial candidate regardless of poll results. This has brought the alliance to a no-solution zone for now.

Big Brother BJP would surely hate to share the cherry on the cake if at all the Sena-BJP alliance remains intact and ends up winning in Maharashtra.

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Modi refers Kejriwal ‘AK49′ a Pakistani Agent

Addressing one of his rallies,Modi attacked Arvind Kejriwal directly by calling him a Pakistani Agent. He said India had three AK’s emerging as Pakistani commanders on Indian side – First,AK47 which was used by Pakistan to bleed India.Second,AK Antony,the Union Defence Minister,who had stated in the Parliament that people who beheaded Indian soldiers were wearing the dress of Pakistan army, while army said Pakistanis had come.Last July,Pakistani army had intruded in the Indian side and beheaded two Indian soldiers. The third,Modi mentioned,was AK49 which has launched a new party recently. This was a mock at Arvind Kejriwal’s 49 day old govt in Delhi.

AAP has emerged as a strong vote-cutter for BJP in 2014 which was quite visible in Delhi polls where BJP could not make its Govt despite Congress losing real bad.

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AAP’s decision on forming Delhi Govt tomorrow

AAP will come up with its final decision on whether or not they will make Govt in Delhi with Congress. While many believe AAP should come to power with the help of eight seats of Congress and prove their point, few believe, they should stay out of power.

It is truly a testing time for AAP supremo – Arvind Kejriwal who might be feeling the heat of politics with the temperature dipping down slowly in the national capital.

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Ram Jethmalani drags BJP to court

Ram Jethmalani, the popular criminal lawyer and politician who got expelled as the Rajya Sabha member of the BJP, has filed a defamation case against the Parliamentary Board of the party for sacking him seeking compensation of Rs 50 Lakhs each from the members excluding former BJP PM , Vajpayee and present BJP prime ministerial candidate,Narendra Modi.

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Modi makes it grand for Advani

Even after continued reluctant and rude public response of veteran BJP leader , Lal Krishna Advani, towards the Prime Ministerial candidate of NDA , Narendra Modi,Modi maintains his respect for Advani in public. To add to the list, Gujarat Chief Minister,Mr Modi has ordered the Gujarat BJP to make it a grand affair for Advani as the the veteran leader is sharing stages and attending inaugurations in Gujarat along with Modi.As a politician , Narendra Modi has always maintained his image strong and stable and speaks a lot about his persona which managed to outcast many senior leaders of BJP including Advani to be the PM candidate for NDA.

You can check few more Cartoons on LK Advani and Modi in the past.

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Shattering Dreams ?

BJP is all set to declare Narendra Modi’s name as its PM candidate despite continuous opposition from senior leader L.K.Advani. Today, they might declare his name officially.

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Previously, the BJP even tried convincing Advani on  Modi being the PM candidate but failed.After all, dreams are dreams and Advani has been eyeing PM’s post since decades now.